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Circa Steam Celebrates its first graduates

The Playnovate STEAM Learning System includes 200+ online-offline lessons.


A STEAM School in a Box

Playnovate Way

Playnovate Way

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Playnovate offers 200+ STEAM lessons that are the building blocks to understanding and innovating in our complex world.

Lessons are designed along with developmental age levels and anchored to the latest neuroscience research on how students think and learn. Each student is acknowledged as having unique abilities, knowledge, and challenges.

We offer 3 types of lessons - 5 Trial Lessons, 4 Theme Lessons, and 6 Leveled Lessons; The Leveled Lessons being the most extensive and are ideal for learning STEAM. Each level comprises 30 lessons designed for ages 5-11 years. Each lesson includes hands-on science and engineering projects designed around an inquiry learning problem and 21st-century skills.



Interactions and explorations shape students' understanding of how the intersections of science, technology,  engineering, aesthetics, and math apply to everyday life.

Online Class

Sense-Making is the Core of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Playnovate's STEAM way of learning empowers every child with a sense of wonder, cultivates an analytical mindset and a zest for trying out creative possibilities through applications of science and engineering practices

Each lesson is a building block to understanding the complex world and the interrelationships of STEAM.

  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Simulations, models, and prototypes

  • Formulate evidence-based solutions

  • Real-world applications


Children learn like scientists-engineers-designers-innovators.

  • Discover and explore to problem-solve

  • Understand problems in context

  • Envision multiple solutions

  • Cultivate systems thinking

  • Intersect STEAM fields as framework to problem-solving


Children learn from each other as they practice design thinking and develop scientifically grounded creative solutions.

Arts and Crafts Class


Lessons are designed with thoughtful consideration of age developmental levels, guided by neuroscience studies on how children learn.


Each student is acknowledged as unique in abilities and as full of potential.

Learning with Tablets
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